The aim of this site is to highlight the value of Salto’s cultural and natural heritage. As well as the distribution and exchange of knowledge about the rich heritage, tradition and history of the region, we wish to strengthen a collective identity and awareness that will help promote the conservation of our cultural inheritance. For, in the preservation of the living heritage we can find the best opportunities for Salto’s future development. We invite you to participate in this initiative. Thank you for visiting us!

                                                                           Comisión Honoraria del Patrimonio Histórico de Salto
                                                                               (Honorary Commission of the Historic Heritage of Salto)


“I want roads filled with songs…”

From the Exodus of the Eastern city comes an invitation, come to this land of songs, it was once the song of freedom: “People of the East our nation is in danger, unite and fly to Salto.” This time the message is much less political. It is an invitation to enjoy a land characterised by its sense of stability and hospitality.

Nestled by the River Uruguay, this city looks down from its hilltop balcony, carved by the very same river. This geographical location defines its history, and how it came to be a city. It defines its very existence. The basalt sandbars, which block navigation routes on the river, give it its name and are the reason for its habitation dating back to the early ages. The Guarini names for the landscape suggest a land inhabited and cultivated by aboriginal tribes over long periods of time.

The Jesuits who came down from their missionary settlements with their produce had to wait until high tide to return upstream. For this reason, they left oranges that the tide received like priceless gifts.

This city is an invitation in itself. Its warm thermal springs in the valleys; the long evenings reflected in the river; the shadowy, dark-leafed parks; the semiprecious stones in the roads, (agate, jasper, quartz, cornelian), glisten in the full moon with the traveller’s passing steps; its secret patios express the poetry of hidden gardens. The tranquillity of its inhabitants can be felt in the buildings made with a harmony that deserves to last.

“I want roads filled with song”, together we will sing the songs of the road, but this time they will be different, more serene, more intimate. They will tell of friendship regained as we await you with open arms. “Dive into the joy of celebration… come with us”.

Isidra Solari,
Commission President

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